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July 23, 2021: Registration
July 24, 2021: Keynote Speeches, Oral and poster Presentations
July 25, 2021: Social & Cultural Activities

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Hangzhou - a land of plenty & a paradise on earth

Hangzhou has a history of more than 2200 years since it was established as a county in the Qin Dynasty. Because of its beautiful scenery, it is known as “paradise on earth”.

The Grand Canal(京杭大运河)

The Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal was first built in the spring and Autumn period. It has a history of more than 2400 years. It runs through 4 provinces and 2 cities in the north and South with a total length of 1794 km. It is the longest, largest and longest running canal in the world. The Grand Canal is not only a golden card for Hangzhou tourism, but also a classic destination for cultural experience of Jiangnan Water Town. The Grand Canal flows through the rich and elegant beautiful land of Qiantang, recording the vicissitudes of Hangzhou's prosperous ancient capital and the variety of markets with white walls. Whether you are walking, boating, riding, or taking a rest, you can feel the rich but not dry feeling of Hangzhou canal, and appreciate the beauty of elegance everywhere along the canal.

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Paradise on earth

Moon and Candlelight Mirrored in the Lake(三潭印月)

Moon and Candlelight Mirrored in the Lake , also known as "xiaoyingzhou", means "Xianshan Qiongdao on the sea". Xiaoyingzhou is the largest island among the three islands in the lake, with an area of about 30000 square meters, of which the water area accounts for 60%. It connects the curved bridge from the north to the South and crosses the earth dike from the east to the west, forming the water garden landscape of "island in the lake and lake in the island". On a moonlit night, especially on the Mid Autumn Festival, people light candles on the tower, and the hole is covered with thin paper. The candle light penetrates from the paper and reflects the lake surface. At this time, the moonlight, candle light and lake light shine brightly. The moon shadow, tower shadow and cloud shadow complement each other. A beautiful picture of "the moon wheel hanging at the bottom of the exquisite tower" and "a lake of golden water trying to dissolve autumn" are presented in front of people Endless poetic and picturesque. It can be said that "this scene should only be in the sky, how can we see you in the world"!

Xianshan Qiongdao on the seaMoon and Candlelight Mirrored in the Lake

The Broken Bridge(断桥)

The Broken Bridge occupies a unique position in the West Lake. It crosses Beishan Road at one end and connects Baigong dike at the other end. It stands at the water diversion point between Lixi lake and waixi lake. It is like a friendly emissary of the West Lake, welcoming guests from all over the world who come and go in and out of the West Lake. Broken bridge is also famous for her unique view point of view in landscape features. "Broken bridge can snow" is a scenic spot with the theme of enjoying snow. Due to its back city and facing mountains, it is located at the water dividing point of Lixi lake and Wai West Lake. It has a wide vision and becomes the best place to enjoy the snow scenery of the West Lake in winter. Every time the snow is clear, the sun of the bridge has disappeared and snowed. It seems that the bridge is broken by snow, but the bridge is still covered with snow. It is called "continuous bridge breaking".

West Lake Broken Bridge West Lake Snow View

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With the increasing global attention to health, biomedical and health informatics has become a research hotspot in recent years. BIHI2021 focuses on theoretical methods, research results and technical applications by using computer and information science and technology to the advancement of life sciences research, health professions education, public health, and patient care, aiming at providing a good international platform for scholars, researchers, clinicians, and scientists.

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