Conference Chair

Jianhua Zhou

School of Biomedical Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Biomedical micro nano detection and sensing, Rapid detection technology, Micro nano diagnosis and treatment technology and artificial tissues and organs

Conference Co-chair

Y-h. Taguchi

Department of Physics, Chuo University, Japan
Bioinformatics • Nonliner Physics

TPC Chair


LITIS laboratory, University of Rouen, France
Image segmentation, Pattern recognition and data fusion, Medical image processing

TPC Member

Qi Liu

College of Biomedical Engineering, Sichuan University, China
Signal and image processing, Bio-medical engineering, and Medical information systems

Sharon/Shuihua Wang

Research Associate
Department of Mathematics and Department of Cardiovascular Sciences University of Leicester, England & Professor of School of computer science, Henan Polytechnic University, China
Biomedical image analysis image processing, Data analysis, Target detection

Wellstein Anton

Pharmacology & Medicine, Georgetown University, Washington DC
Cancer Biology, Signal Transduction, Cancer Cell Biology

Guang Yang

Senior Research Fellow
National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London.
Pattern recognition and machine learning, Medical image processing and analysis, Medical image modalities

Vidya Niranjan

Department of Biotechnology, RV College of Engineering, India
Computational Biology

Ahmed Meri

National University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Health Informatics, e-Health, Tele-medicine, Health information systems, Information Science,

Bingzhe Xu

Associate Professor
School of Biomedical Engineering, Sun Yat sen University, China
Development of microelectronic bio electromechanical sensor chip

Chang Liu

Associate Professor
School of Medicine, Nankai University, China
Molecular virology, Gene therapy, miRNA and lncRNA, Neuron damage, Bioinformatics, Patch clamp

Manuel Campos

Associate Professor
Computer Science Faculty, University of Murcia, Spain
Clinical intelligent systems, Data analysis and mininig, Computational biology, Medical informatics

Jia Meng

Associate Professor
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Huixiong Zhang

Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Medical informatics research, Image and signal processing

Dongyun Zheng

Associate Professor
School of Biomedical Engineering, Central South University for Nationalities, China
Electrochemistry and biosensor

Yi Yang

Associate Professor
School of Biomedical Engineering, Southern Medical University, China
Medical data analysis and processing, Medical information system design and development

Jun Chen

Assistant Professor
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
nanotechnology and bioelectronics for energy, sensing, and therapy applications in the form of smart textiles, wearables, and body area network

Background Information

With the increasing global attention to health, biomedical and health informatics has become a research hotspot in recent years. BIHI2021 focuses on theoretical methods, research results and technical applications by using computer and information science and technology to the advancement of life sciences research, health professions education, public health, and patient care, aiming at providing a good international platform for scholars, researchers, clinicians, and scientists.

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