Call For Papers

BIHI2021 focuses on theoretical methods, research results and technical applications in biomedical and healthcare field by using computer and information science and technology.
The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is including but not limited to:

  1. Biomedical Informatics
  2. Assistive, rehabilitation, and quality of life technologies
  3. Bio-inspired and neuromorphic circuits and systems
  4. Biofeedback, electrical stimulation, and closed-loop systems
  5. Biomedical imaging technologies and image processing
  6. Biosensor devices, biosensor interfacing circuits
  7. Biosignal processing, sensor network
  8. Brain machine interfaces
  9. Electronics for brain science
  10. Genomics and systems biology
  11. Implantable electronics
  12. Innovative circuits for medical applications
  13. Lab-on-chip & BioMEMS
  14. Medical information systems and Bioinformatics
  1. Health Informatics
  2. E-health
  3. Electronic patient records
  4. Telemedicine, telecare and telehealth
  5. Clinical information and decision support systems
  6. Healthcare knowledge management, data and text mining
  7. Personalized and pervasive health technologies
  8. Home healthcare and wellness management
  9. Healthcare applications of mobile and pervasive digital technologies
  10. Applications of social media technologies and services in healthcare
  11. Modeling of healthcare service usage
  12. Evaluation and use of healthcare IT
  13. Innovations and future developments in healthcare technologies and applications

Background Information

With the increasing global attention to health, biomedical and health informatics has become a research hotspot in recent years. BIHI2021 focuses on theoretical methods, research results and technical applications by using computer and information science and technology to the advancement of life sciences research, health professions education, public health, and patient care, aiming at providing a good international platform for scholars, researchers, clinicians, and scientists.

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